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Why spend all that money on AC when you can block most of the heat from coming into your home in the first place? 

Its no secret that Modesto gets HOT in the summer. With professionally tinted windows on your house, you can keep it significantly cooler all summer without spending more on electricity bills. 

Our premium window tints are able to block almost 80% of all heat before it even enters your house. Imagine actually being cool all summer and not running your AC 24/7! Additionally, tinting your homes windows blocks out 99% of all the harmful UV rays that are known to damage carpets, hardwood floors and furniture. By tinting your windows, you can improve the lifespan of all these things. 

Home window tint also blocks glare from the TV and computer screens which is perfect for those with well lit living rooms. We have a variety of window treatments to choose from so you can decide what look you’re going for. Most of all, we have window tints that don’t affect the natural light your home gets. You can choose one of our options that lets 100% of the natural light thorugh if you prefer. 

Benefits of Home Window Tinting

If you’re not yet sold on tinting your homes windows, let me show you a few of the many benefits with tinting your houses windows…

It’s more energy efficient

Window tint helps keep your house cooler by blocking many of the sun’s heat producing rays from ever entering into your house. This means you don’t have to spend as much money cooling your house down or trying to keep it cool. For many, this saves them hundreds of dollars each year on their heating and air bills.

Regulates the temperature of your house

By preventing much of the sun’s heat from entering your home, it allows you to keep a more consistent climate. This is true even in older homes which may not have as much insulation or lack modern insulation and windows. Many homes have “hot spots” which are warmer rooms and areas that result from the sun heating the room. These are often some of your prettiest rooms because of the natural light. However, choosing between a comfortable temperature and nice ambience is a hard one.

Tinting these windows can significantly reduce the heat production in these rooms allowing you to still appreciate plenty of natural light and be comfortable at the same time.

Reduces glare on screens

Glare on the TV or computer is frustrating when you’re watching the game or trying to get work done. Its especially difficult if your office has this glare because you’re suffering with it all day long. It also causes eye strain and just isn’t great for productivity. By tinting your windows you can reduce or even eliminate the glare on your screens. This makes it easier to relax in front of the game or get more work done without the strain and glare.

Blocks harmful UV rays

UV rays are the ones that cause skin cancer and deteriorate your floors and furniture quickly. Our premium window tints block 99% of these UV rays which extends the life of your furniture, floors and skin.

Improves home security

There are window films that can slow down intruders making it very hard for them to enter your home. There’s dozens of break ins each year in Modesto and many of them are through forced entry. By installing the proper safety film on your windows – which is anchored on both the inside and outside of your windows, you can seriously slow down and possibly prevent intruders from entering your home. We offer multiple window films so please let us know if safety is your priority as this is a different type of film.

Strengthens your glass

No matter what breaks your window – whether it’s the kids throwing a ball or a branch from a wind storm, window tint helps to hold the glass together and prevent shattering.

Easy upkeep

Once the window tint is installed, it requires basically no maintenance. Most are very easy to clean and have the option for scratch resistant coatings. The film you choose may require different cleaning agents though so be sure to talk to us before cleaning.

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