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Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial building owners can see huge savings on electric bills with commercial window tinting. And with a variety of films to choose from, you can get any look and feel you want.

From safety film to temperature regulation film, we can help you add style to your building and save money in the process. 

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

You don’t see many commercial spaces without tinted windows these days. That’s because it only makes sense to tint when you consider the cost savings and how nice your building looks. Just in case you’re not familiar with all the benefits though, lets look at a few more…

Saves money

Tinting the windows of your commercial building, condo’s, apartments or offices can save you boat loads on electricity. With our high density window tint we’re able to block around 80% of the sun’s heat producing energy from entering through your windows. This means you won’t have to spend as much getting your space cooler and keeping it cool. Over time this adds up to big savings and helps to preserve the life of your HVAC units.

Creates a temperature steady work environment

Whether you have a skyscraper or one story offices, you probably have a “hot spot” somewhere. Hot spots are those areas where the sun shines through the window and heats the area or room up more than the rest of the space. As a result, you either have to crank the AC to cool it down or let it heat up. If you let it heat up, the rest of the room eventually heats up and you end up with a hot area that nobody wants to work in. If you crank the AC, everyone else is freezing.

You no longer need to jocky these two horses when you use the proper window tinting. It helps remove these hot spots by blocking most of the sun’s heat from entering the room. This helps to create a temperature steady work environment where the ambient air temperature remains consistent throughout your building.

Protects furniture and floors from damaging sunlight

You’ve probably left something in the sun too long and seen it fade well before its time. Just like patio furniture, this same thing can happen to your office furniture. Tinting the windows on your building blocks 99% of UV rays which inflict the most damage on furniture and floors. Therefore extending the life of your investments.

Improves the look and feel of your building

People will always judge a book by its cover. Adding a quality tint to your commercial space markedly improves the look of your building and makes clients take you more seriously. We have a variety of commercial window films for you to choose from so you can easily achieve an appearance that compliments your building.

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