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Automotive Window Tinting

We tint every kind of car, truck, RV, and any other vehicle that goes on the road. We have a variety of tints for you to choose from and multiple visibilities to match any look you’re searching for. For the best auto tinting service in Modesto, Ca, give us a call!

Residential & Commercial Window Tinting 

Is your Modesto home or office heating up too much? Putting a pro window tint on your windows goes a long way towards blocking harmful UV rays and keeping the temperature significantly cooler. We professionally tint home windows, office windows and any other structure you need tinted.

Glass Repair & Replacement

Is your window chipped or cracked? We repair or replace car windows of all types. We use ultra strong, completely see through resins to repair the window and often times the repair only takes 15-30 minutes. In the event of full window replacement, we may need to order the part but you can call us and we’ll tell you exactly when we’ll have it. Generally, we can get the supplies same day as long as we get a heads up.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You’re our highest priority and your satisfaction means everything to us. We only employ the highest quality window tinting professionals, carry full insurance and prioritize customer service. If you’re ever not satisfied, we want to know and we always do our best to make it right. 

Professional Window Tinting Modesto

One of the benefits of working with a professional window tinting company is that we take the time to hire the best in the industry. Our customers are our business and your satisfaction is our number one priority. We know that if you’re happy, you’ll refer your friends which helps us grow our local Modesto service business.

We also know that when you come to a professional window tinting company, you expect excellent customer service, a variety of window tinting films to choose from, and you want your satisfaction to be guaranteed. We do all this and more. To experience the difference of working with the professionals, give us a call now.

Benefits of window tinting

Window tinting is not a new technology. It’s been around for quite a while and many new innovative window tints have been developed over the years. There’s no doubt that you see cars every single day in Modesto with their windows tinted. Of course there’s a reason so many people have their windows tinted. It carries many benefits some of which you are probably already aware of any others you may not have heard of before.

Let’s dive in…

Improves Security

Something you may not of thought about is that tinting your windows can greatly improve the security of your car. In Modesto there are many car break-ins each and every year. Passers by will often look in your car to see if there’s anything on your seats or anything within sight that can easily be taken.

Having tinted windows can make it very hard for criminals to see in your car and therefore decrease the chances that they want to break into your car. Further, tinted windows are harder to break because the film holds the glass together making it harder for someone to actually break through the window if they were to try.

Keeps your car cooler

One of the many benefits of tinted windows, especially in Modesto where the summers are very hot, is that it helps your car stay cooler during the day.

Window tint will reflect up to 99% of harmful UV rays in block out much of the heat causing sunlight so your car remains cooler. This is especially helpful if you have your car parked in the sun while you’re at work during the day. There’s nothing worse than working all day only to get into a car that’s well over 100° inside. The next thing you know, you’re pouring sweat before your air-conditioner can sufficiently cool your car down and by the time you get home, you need to shower.

Getting a professionally tinted car will save you from that experience during the hot summers.

Protects your glass from shattering

As I mentioned before, having your windows tinted makes it much harder for glass to shatter. This not only comes in handy when a Modesto criminal wants to break into your car, but may also come in handy if you’re ever in a car accident. Because window tint is a very durable and sticky film, when your glass breaks it will stick to the film and in many cases prevent the glass from shattering and spreading around the car.

Blocks harmful UV rays

UV rays are the most harmful rays from the sun. These are the ones that cause skin cancer and make you prematurely age. Fortunately, a good window tint can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays which can not only protect you from getting a sunburn but also save your skin and prevent premature aging.

Prevents interior fading

If you have a desire to preserve the life of your car, tinting your windows is a must. This is especially true if you have a high-quality leather in your vehicle. By tinting your windows and blocking harmful UV rays, you’re also slowing down the aging process of your leather and fabric.

Look at it this way, if you put a carpet or leather sofa in direct sunlight all day and increase its temperature to well over 100°, it’s pretty clear that it’s not going to last as long. This same affect happens with the seats and carpets in your car. When you tint the windows, you not only block the direct sunlight but you also keep the car cooler which helps preserve your interior. This can help prevent leather from cracking, cloth seats from washing out, and preserve the carpets in your vehicle.

It looks cool

Lets be honest, having tinted windows just looks cool. It instantly improves the look of your car and gives you more privacy.

Window Tinting in Modesto

Vehicle Window Tinting

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Vehicle window tinting is something that’s so popular, almost every car has it. With our quality tinting service, you can choose the visibility % of your tint, areas to get tinted, and a whole lot more. 

Home Window Tinting

Looks Beautiful

Lets Natural Light Pass Through

Protects Furniture From Harmful Sunlight That Fades Material

More Details

Home window tinting can range from low visibility tint to completely see through. With the see through tint, you can’t tell the windows are tinted. But it protects your furniture and family from up to 99% of harmful UV rays. This is the option most homeowners choose because they like the natural light. However, we have many options for you to choose from. 

Commercial Window Tinting

Blocks Sunlight That Causes Screen Glare

Helps Regulate Office Temperature Which Lowers Electricity Costs

Protects Privacy

More Details

Commercial window tinting is imperative for most business owners. It protects your furniture from harmful UV rays, keeps temperatures cooler, extends the live of your HVAC, and reduces glare on computer and TV screens. We offer a variety of commercial window tint options for you to choose from. We can get any look you want and get it done quickly without being in the way. 

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Why Use a Professional Window Tint Company in Modesto?

Everyone has a cousin who knows how to tint windows. But the reality is, you should never go that route unless your cousin happens to be a professional window tinter.

Using a professional service not only gives you peace of mind, but also a guarantee if anything happens. Additionally, we have access to the best window tinting films which carry manufacturer warranties, we carry insurance in case anything were to happen, and we have a reputation to protect which means you’re our highest priority. 

And we do this thing all day. Every single day we install dozens of jobs. This includes cars, residential, and commercial jobs. This means we get tons of practice, chances are we’ve done your model car before, and we know how to do it right the first time, every time. Can the cousin say that? 

So if you’re ready to have your windows professionally tinted, you want great customer service, and you want your windows tinted fast, go ahead and give us a call now.

Areas to tint:

  • Top of windshield
  • Front driver and passenger side doors
  • Rear doors
  • Back windows

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